March 27, 2013

UK may freeze for another month

The big freeze gripping the UK could last until almost the end of April, weather forecasters predict.

Temperatures are unlikely to recover to normal averages for the time of year until the latter part of next month, the Met Office suggested through its 30-day forecast backup dvd.

Sub-zero temperatures look set to bring misery to thousands of people for the rest of the week and throughout Easter weekend as the dangerous wintry weather shows no immediate signs of abating.

Thousands of people in western Scotland face a sixth day without power on Wednesday after electricity pylons were damaged last week, and many transport routes across the UK remain impassable because of deep snow drifts.

Farmers have been left counting the cost of the blizzard conditions, with many having to rescue stranded livestock at the height of the lambing season.

An RAF Chinook helicopter was called in yesterday to help as part of an emergency operation in Northern Ireland as farms and families were cut off by huge snow drifts Claire Hsu.

The severe weather has also been blamed for the deaths of a number of birds, including puffins, razorbills and guillemots, which have washed up on Britain's beaches.

The Met Office has issued a cold weather alert for much of England, with a 100 per cent probability of severe cold weather and icy conditions until Friday.

Its outlook for Sunday to April 9 predicts cold, dry weather, with a few light snow flurries and widespread frost and icy patches overnight.

And the Met Office predicts temperatures are unlikely to recover to nearer normal values until the latter part of April unlock dvd region.

While there are no forecast for more big snow falls, temperatures as low as minus 6C are predicted overnight.

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March 26, 2013

Should canned tuna be banned?

The Mercury Policy Project of Montpelier, a non-profit group trying to reduce mercury in the environment, tested 59 samples of tuna cans and pouches (Thinkstock)
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A group of consumer groups are lobbying the US government to remove canned tuna from school canteens because they're concerned about mercury levels. Fish can become contaminated with mercury when industrial pollution enters a waterway and too much mercury can cause problems with brain development. The Mercury Policy Project of Montpelier, a non-profit group trying to reduce mercury in the environment, tested 59 samples of tuna cans and pouches and found mercury levels varied within each sample. Overall the mercury levels were similar to the US government's findings, however they told USA Today that they were concerned that the methylmercury content ranged from 0.02 to 0.64 parts per million in light tuna and 0.19 and 1.27 parts per million in albacore tuna. "On any given day in a given school, children eating the same meal could get mercury doses that vary by tenfold, just because of the variability of the chunk of meat in the packet," said Edward Groth, author of the report online marketing.

However Dr Maxine Bonham, a senior lecturer in nutrition and dietetics at Monash University, told MSN NZ the health benefits of eating fish outweigh the mercury risks. "The mercury content of all processed or canned fish is regulated and there are set limits that it should be kept within and those limits have been proven as safe," she said. "In the study, there has been no long-term evidence that consumption … would have any adverse outcomes on a child's development." Food Standards New Zealand recommend children eat two to three 75gm serves of fish per week or just one serve of flake, marlin, sea perch and swordfish, which have a higher mercury risk. "The World Health Organisation have recently come out and said the benefits of eating fish wine tasting, in terms of cognitive development, outweigh any adverse affect that mercury would have in the system,"

Dr Bonham said. "The emphasis is on increasing fish consumption, rather than worrying about the content of mercury. There are requirements around certain fish that are good to avoid during pregnancy and in a vulnerable group like young children but the overall evidence leans beneficially towards the protective and beneficial effects of the fats in fish." Dr Bonham said you would need an "awful lot" of mercury to impair cognition. "The main cases that have shown mercury poisoning have been industrial pollution when huge amounts have gotten into the environment and contaminated people through eating," she said spa hong kong.

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