March 26, 2014

Bosom friend

It's three in the morning, I have no drowsiness, open the computer, but also facing the computer screen on a line of real text. Such a quiet room, such a quiet night, no people and car talk loud sound, only the quiet night, and incomplete month. Such a quiet night, I always love, because the night always gave me the real feelings and deep sigh. Let the day that a blundering heart becomes quiet Floor Display Unit, so he wrote his beloved characters.

People live in a lifetime, some people will encounter one or two special people, this may be the only purely spiritual, but can not be pure planning as a friend, because you love him, you to his gentle, you worry about him, has gone beyond the general friends and philosophy. This feeling seems to be love is not love, because it is more valuable than love, more subtle, more powerful. You will be because he sometimes depressed mood, which affects your mood. When he failed, you will give comfort and encouragement, because not everyone is Everything is going smoothly.. Failed, you can come back again, or to understand situation, live my own life.

We all thought with ease, wealthy life. But it is not hard, everyone can live a life like that. After all, a person's success, it needs someone to give you, support you. When a person was brilliant, suddenly one day fail, that when it was discovered that the usual good friends are one of the more and more distant from their own. This feeling is very painful, very afflictive, a close to the verge of despair, but this is not a bad thing. Because when you fail, you will finally see the delete you so-called good friends are the one. But this is the need for a long time, let oneself slowly cheer up, let oneself slowly wisdom.

At some point, because you may be a soulful song, one act of touching the screen, but think of someone. Thinking of you and his acquaintance, think of his sincerity, remembering his sad, feel a touch the soul of the intersection. And you no matter what they said about him is not good, you still so sure believe him, support him.

At this time, always warm your heart, a bit better, a bit of feeling, a vision, a persistent. I know you can't get together with him, but the man was imperceptibly into your heart, let you always remember the man.

And when you sad or upset or sad, think of him you will be overcome by one's feelings, I hope he can be at your side, two people then quietly said, not to do what. Because this kind of feeling is very pure and precious, this feeling is not everyone can have. So, when you are sad monthly rental apartment, sad, a phone, that person will take the time to accompany you, then this person must be careful. Encounter such a person, don't think too much of it, then please treat and cherish the good.

In the boundless huge crowd, not every encounter people can do nothing, but also unconditional love. When you encounter difficulties, there will be no conditions to help you. When you are frustrated, there will be no conditions to accompany you, teach you. Such people, our life is very important, special person, if not this person, then your life will lack a kind of regret.

Although sometimes you very not reconciled to not tell the people come together, you may encounter is not too late or too early, but someone you are decreed by fate. Although this decreed by fate of people and then do not imagine you in a better, he is married, with his wife and children, but you have to believe, most certainly not understand his wife. And go with you to the end, is not necessarily a wife, and some words can not tell my wife. So in our life, but also the need for such a special person to exist.

Perhaps, in our life, not everyone has the sincere together will "hold your hand, and grow old with you" love story. However, because you will have such a special person, more love for yourself and your life, and cherish their own lives. In fact, you and he maybe two without the intersection of time, just like the stars in the sky never collided. Also not brewed the fruit of love, but also seems to be concerned with love and romance, you will feel the reality of love and marriage in the desecration of the pure feelings between you, this is just a kind of supernatural offbeat, emotional above a high above the love and friendship pure electric motor manufacturers.

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