December 19, 2012

Old love old habits

Maybe you have to leave a person for a long time advertising premium, you don't love him, but one day, suddenly you found, you still keep his habits.

He used to before the turn off the audio equipment, to turn the volume down, that can extend the audio equipment life. Years later, you with another man corporate premium. One day, are you in a hurry to go out, in a hurry, you still the first tune the volume, to bring home audio equipment off. Has become your habits. Somewhere in time, he would do it.

He used every time when away from home, all leave a light on. You said he wasted power. And he said, this is his life habits, and will not waste a lot of power. Breaking up over the years, solitary, before each home, also used to leave a light on. Then, with a man together, said the man, who leave home, leave a bit waste. You straighten the vaporous told him: " so as not to waste a lot of powe business giftr. "

All of a sudden, you think, this is not your childhood habits, but you from the former men's habits. You had no dealings with him, you stole his habit, take forcible possession of. If one day, he is in your house, see before you go out, always like a lamp, he will feel proud?

Old lover is already blurred, their old habits, but stayed, those who are accustomed to, perhaps only to open cans, the method of brushing teeth and tone. Imperceptibly, we have become, these habits, may be left to another person executive gift.

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